Prepare to be inspired!

BIKE MINDS is a live talk show where guests share inspiring stories, ideas and research celebrating the beauty of cycling. Participants are invited to engage in thoughtful, inspiring, and inclusive conversations around a mutual appreciation for the bicycle.

The Spring 2018 series of BIKE MINDS will include four sessions covering the following themes:

  • Bikes+Identity
  • Bikes+Belonging
  • Bikes+Leisure
  • Bikes+Lifestyle

Dates, locations, and speakers will be announced soon, stay tuned!

Have a story you’d like to share?

We’re looking for all kinds of bike-related stories, and the more unique the better. Stories could include:

  • An epic trip
  • A hobby, job, or sport
  • A non-profit initiative
  • A startup story
  • A cool project

If you’re interested in being on the show, email one of our organizers at or¬†Hurry – the deadline to submit a proposal is December 10th, 2017.

We’re also looking for sponsors!

Sponsors are needed for food, prizes, transportation, venue, etc. If your organization would like to be involved, email one of our organizers at or



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